Accessories for freeze prevention heating

Below is an excerpt from our accessories:

♦ Temperature controller 1793_SF with integrated operating light  

♦ Temperature controller 1882_SF with digital display, additional fault message and operating hours counter    

♦ Emergency call device L1 with integr. Siren and 1 to 2 illuminated release points  according to EN 378-1, SUVA Form. No. 1864 (Switzerland)

♦ Emergency call device T6 with integr. Siren, flashing beacon and 1 to 6 illuminated triggers  according to EN 378-1, SUVA Form. No. 1864 (Switzerland)

♦ Release button

♦ External sirens / flashing lights

♦ Equalising valve

♦ Temperature sensor TF6 - TF100 with 6/20/30/50/70/100 m connection cable

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