Heating of cavity/wall heating


The planned, manufactured and installed cavity heaters / wall heaters are mainly used in cold stores. For without these heaters, the temperature of cavities would drop below the temperature of the surrounding air, causing the humidity to condense, which in turn would result in ice formation.

Our solution:

The cavity heaters / wall heaters produced by us are laid between the outer wall and the wall insulation element where the cavity is present. The controller, which has a temperature sensor, switches on the heating mats only when it falls below a defined setpoint temperature. Mainly two-step controllers with hysteresis are used to avoid permanent switching on and off.

Features of our cavity/wall heaters:

♦ fast installation thanks to flexible cold and heating cables

♦ easy attachment to PVC foil or mesh fabric tape mat

♦ almost any surface size feasible

♦ at least 15 W/m²

♦ all heating mats also available with reserve heating conductor

♦ also executable with self-limiting heating tape