In 1979, Klaus-Peter Schwarz and Klaus-Peter Fengler founded Schwarz + Fengler Wärmetechnik GmbH in Dortmund. Together with qualified construction staff, they planned and created electrical installations in the gastronomy sector as well as electric underfloor heating.

In the 80s, production in the cold store area was expanded. It developed its own development, planning and manufacturing up to commissioning of electric anti-freeze heating for the foundation and floor area, column wall and roof heaters and surface and floor heating systems.

On 01/07/2015 Mr. Fengler has sold his company Schwarz + Fengler Wärmetechnik to the Company Pro Therm Gesellschaft für Begleitheizungen, Steuerungsbau u. Elektrotechnik mbH. 

Since October 2015, a joint move to Waltrop followed. There, in the new premises, with the same business activity and the same staff in the well-known and proven way, Schwarz + Fengler Wärmetechnik continues.