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When it comes to the latest technologies and their application in the field of anti-freeze systems, then we are in our element. We assure you that we can always present the best products and the most economical concepts.

Below you will learn more about our products.

Complete systems of electrical anti-freeze protection:

♦ Frost heave protection heating

♦ Floor heating systems/lock heating 

♦ Heating of uprights

♦ Heating of cavity/wall heating

♦ Speciality heating


♦ Temperature controller 1793_SF with integrated operating light  

♦ Temperature controller 1882_SF with digital display, additional fault message and operating hours counter

♦ Emergency call device L1 with integr. Siren and 1 to 2 illuminated release points
  according to EN 378-1, SUVA Form. No. 1864 (Switzerland)

♦ Emergency call device T6 with integr. Siren, flashing beacon and 1 to 6 illuminated triggers
  according to EN 378-1, SUVA Form. No. 1864 (Switzerland)

♦ Release button / palm switch

♦ External sirens / flashing lights

♦ Equalising valve

♦ Temperature sensor TF6 - TF100 with 6/20/30/50/70/100 m connection cable

You do not find your product requirements in our product range? No problem for us. Just contact us, we'll take care of it!