Electrical Heat Tracing

A Defintion 
Electric heat tracing systems are essential. Frequently used in industry to compensate the heat losses of an
object, despite insulation. In addition to hold the temperature, electrical heat tracing can also be used to
increase the temperature. However, due to the energy conservation law, electrical heat tracing is only as
good as the subsequent insulation. For the reliable function of our heat tracing systems, all elements
involved must be coordinated.

Thanks to our know-how, our qualified employees and certified subcontractors, our electrical heat-tracing
systems can also be used in hazardous areas.
For the design of the electrical trace heating you only have to tell us the zone and the temperature class.
Our fitters, who are certified as competent persons, then take care of the professional installation in
compliance with all safety and installation regulations.

If special regulations apply to electrical trace heating, e.g. according to Verband der Sachversicherer
(VdS), our specialists are always up-to-date regarding current standards and guidelines.

If you have factory specifications, these will of course be complied with.