Frost Heave Protection Heating

The planned, manufactured and installed frost heave protection heating systems are mainly used in cold stores. There they should prevent a destruction of the foundation. Because the cold radiation of the cold room, the foundation also takes on cold, which in turn is transmitted to the ground. The moisture of the soil cools down, so that ice lenses can grow, which grow with increasing time. Through the expansion of the ice lenses the foundation is pushed up, which can lead to cracking or even a complete destruction of the foundation. As a result, the foundation would have to be rebuilt expensive.

The frost heave protection heating systems produced by us are laid between the damp barrier and the insulation, where the temperature sensor has direct contact with the foundation. The controller does not switch on the heating mats until it falls below a defined setpoint temperature. Only as much energy as necessary is used.

Features of our frost heave protection heating systems:

• fast installation thanks to flexible cold and heating cable
• easy attachment to PVC film
• almost any Surface size feasible
• at least 15W/m²
• all heating mats also available with reserve heating conductor
• maintenance-free

If you already have expertise and know-how about frost heave protection heating systems, you can order comfortably from our product range. The control box already contains a 20m long temperature sensor. The control boxes of type KH10 contain a controller which directly switches the frost heave protection mats. For the control box type KH11 we use a contactor for the switching. If you have larger areas to heat or require special solutions, we will be pleased to help you.