Heating of Uprights

Our planned, manufactured and installed heating systems of uprights are mainly used in cold stores. A distinction can be made between heating of the foot and the head. Steel- and concrete uprights in cold stores act as cold bridges between the cold room and the concrete floor. This will damage the concrete floor. On the other hand, the concrete or steel columns act as a cold bridge between the freezer room and the overlying hot rooms. This can cause condensation in the ceiling area.

The systems for heating uprights we produce are either laid around the support legs or directly onto the supporting walls. The controller, which has a temperature sensor, switches on the heating mats only when it falls below a defined setpoint temperature. Only as much energy as necessary is used.

Features of our heating uprights Systems:

• fast installation thanks to flexible cold and heating cables
• easy attachment to PVC film
• almost any Surface size feasible
• all heating mats also available with reserve heating conductor
• maintenance-free